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Welcome to The Proteasome Center!

We are an exclusive manufacturer of proprietary HTS related products, which are used by the world's leading research teams (Click for more info).

We focus on the Ubiquitin Proteasome system, and a recognized biotechnology leader across research and diagnostic markets.

We purify Proteasome 20S, 26S and 19S from human blood, as well as immunoproteasome from human spleen and COP9 Signalosome from human blood and spleen. We supply these high grade research products to companies and labs at an accessible price point.

We ship directly across the globe: Europe, UK, China and more - Low Rates.


Our Mission

We strive to provide life science researchers with accessible means for target identification and validation, high content analysis,
protein biochemistry and detection, and cellular analysis.


Our goal is to supply to research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry the highest grade of purified components of human ubiquitin pathway available in the world at an affordable price.
To achieve this goal we created a company in 2012 that specializes in the production of proteins, especially those of the ubiquitin system, such as 20S, 26S and 19S proteasome, and COP9 Signalosome (CSN). Using proprietary purification processes we produce purified protein complexes that are used for basic and medical research at Universities and leading companies around the world.

We purify human 20S, 26S and 19S proteasome from blood, as well as immunoproteasome from human spleen or COP9 Signalosome from human blood and spleen, is our goal. We supply those 20S proteasome (whooo!!! 50 ug for 50$ whoooo!!!), 26S proteasome and 19S proteasome from human blood for companies and labs, we provide these proteasome products at the lowest possible price

Ubiquitin Pathway plays a central role in cell cycle regulation, allowing its components to serve as a basis for the study of cancer diseases therapy. In addition, since the ubiquitin pathway plays a critical role in the turnover of proteins from neurons in the central nervous system, components of the ubiquitin pathway are key to understanding and studying neurodegenerative diseases caused by defects in this protein turnover system.
Production Laboratories
Our protein production facilities are part of the Technion Institute in Haifa, using state of the art equipment, reagents, starting materials, instrumentation and quality assurance assays available.
Shipping and Delivery
By shipping via FedEx, we have the ability to send frozen proteins directly from our -80C freezers to laboratories around the world.

We supply Proteasome Proteins to Enzo Life Sciences. 

Photo: ​Dr. Amnon Golan With Dr. Kathy Wang, Manufacturing Manager At “Enzo Life Science“

About Us


Proteasome 20S (Human, Purified) 50 μg for 115$

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Proteasome 26S (Human, Purified) 50 μg for 160$

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Proteasome 19S (Human, Purified) 50 μg for 200$

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The Founder

Amnon Golan PhD

Expert in Protein Purification through Fractionation

Dr. Amnon Golan received his PhDs from the Medical Faculty at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, at the laboratory of Nobel prize winner Avram Hershko. It was followed by postdoctoral research fellowships at Yale University.

He has focused his research on human homologous proteins and complexes in general, and the protein degradation system through the ubiquitin pathway, in particular.

Dr. Golan specializes in purification through fractionation of proteins.

The Founder

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